Our Services:

  •  Installation Crew: We can send a team of professionals to your location to ensure each piece is set up properly, which allows your project to move forward with little or no downtime.

  • Follow-up Maintenance & Repairs: Employees and members of the public can put wear on your furniture. For this reason, we offer services to execute repairs and to upgrade any outdated pieces with something that is trendy in the commercial market yet affordable.

  • Accommodation of Time & Pricing Constraints: When you work with our interior design experts, you’ll notice that their goals are aligned with your goals. This benefit is not something we achieve as a “happy accident.” Our interior designers understand how costly downtime can be, so we have structured our business with the ability to “move mountains” under tight deadlines.

  • Expedited Pricing & Job Completion: If you’re a person on a tight schedule that needs verifiable execution times, then please give us a call.  At our offices, the motto is to get clients pricing and job completion estimates quickly. Therefore, you should never have to wait long to get what you need from our sales team.

      Please call us today to enjoy the greatest benefits that commercial interior design has to offer.